All of those smaller items:  File Fasteners, File Dividers, Container Index Labels, Desk Organisers etc.

Metal File Fastener


Should you not retrieve the documentation from your files, the metal files fastener is ideal. Supplied with an adhesive strip the fastener may be utilised in the light, or medium-weight folders.

Desk Organizer


To replace the traditional A-Z sorters that take up much of your desk space, steel rod, houses all the documents you need for processing.

Moulded File Fastener


A flexible file fastener, designed for ease of document retrieval from your file. It can house a volume of up to 50mm of documentation. The fastener/clip can also be utilised to secure your documentation when archiving.

Archival Label


A red A5 label, supplied for the accurate indexing of archive documentation. It is vital to label archive documentation, to ensure easy future retrieval.

A4 File Divider


When you have a vast volume of information in your file that requires segmentation, the divider is perfect for sectioning and categorising work in an orderly and distinguishable manner.

Container Index Label


Supplied with adhesive strip backing to adhere to the side of your containers to index the contents.

File Clip