We offer both a premium range of filing products and accessories and an array of services geared at creating a filing solution suited to meet any need.


Spacelabs filing services include:

  • Conducting comprehensive filing assessments,
  • The drafting of specifications and BOQ's,
  • The implementation of new systems,
  • The adaptation or revamp of existing storage facilities,
  • Training

The influences of filing on the office environment

Organisational and Institutional filing systems are integral in the office environment and its interior design or architecture, constantly affecting both the efficiency and effectiveness of the personnel and their working environment.

Poorly planned filing and systems lead to an overflow of documentation in the office environment, with the ever increasing problem of housing this documentation, the continuous and costly procurement of additional storage facilities and unnecessary utilisation of floor space within the office area. Diverse filing methods, lack of standardised procedures and uniformity of systems result in the slow retrieval of documentation, ultimately hampering service delivery and frustrating personnel.

A strategic documentation plan is therefore critical to the success of the project.